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ACE-MCA Alumni Association

The ACE-MCA Alumni Association team has created this ACE-MCA Alumni website with the help of lots of its members. Assocation plans to update the information that would influences ACE-MCA alumnus to find jobs and related career resources around the world. ACE-MCA Alumni Association encourages to send feedbacks.


The idea to form ACE-MCA Alumni Association was first mooted in 2007. The main purpose of setting up ACE-MCA-AA was/is to:

• Provide a forum to facilitate greater interaction among the Adhiyamaan College of Engineering Alumni all over the world.

• Help Adhiyamaan College of Engineering pass-outs to find jobs, higher education opportunities in India and around the world.

• Relive nostalgic memories of the Alumni during their students days at ACE-MCA.

The Alumni Association offers alumni the chance to keep up with the happenings at ACE and interact in more than one way, such as :

Technical collaboration in projects

Professional network

Academic collaboration

Recruitment of ACE graduates

using ACE's Continuing Education Programmes